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Tee Time Reservations Policies

  • Reservations are available for booking seven (7) days in advance.
  • Reservations require a minimum of 2 golfers. Mill Pond reserves the right to add golfers to complete foursome.
  • Reservations are limited to two (2) foursomes per person per day. For three or more foursomes please call the Pro Shop at (631) 732-8249.
  • Reservations must be secured by a credit card and are subject to cancellation/no-show fees. The person making the reservation is responsible for cancellations/no-shows as detailed below. If no show fees are incurred the fees will be billed to the credit card that secured the reservation.
  • A $3 reservation Fee is applied to all reserved Tee Times.
  • All reservations must be cancelled by phone at (631) 732-8249 during Pro Shop hours of operation, at least 24 hours in advance of the reservation in order to avoid cancellation or no-show fees.
  • If a reservation is not properly cancelled 24 hours in advance and you do not show up for the Tee Time and check in timely, the reservation will be considered a no show and the credit card used for the reservation will be charged a no show fee equal to the greens fee, cart fee and reservation fee for the Tee Times reserved.
  • If some of the reserved golfers show up and check in, but not all of the reserved golfers show up and check-in, the individual making the reservation will be charged a short show fee of $10 per no show, unless the spot is filled by a walk-in player.
  • Any individual with more than two (2) incidents of complete no-shows, or excessive short shows, may face revocation of their reservation privileges.
  • All tee times are made during a secure URL which can also be found HERE
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